Meet Karin, a home sharer from Munich

A few years ago, Karin bought an apartment in Munich and has been sharing her guest room on Airbnb for the last three years. Karin works for an airline and finds herself traveling a lot with work, she also enjoys hiking in the mountains, which also takes her away from home, giving her the opportunity to share her entire apartment on Airbnb. Often, family and friends visit Katrin in Munich. That’s why she doesn’t rent out her guest room permanently but, instead, shares it once in awhile on Airbnb, when she has no visitors.

Home sharers in Munich, like Karin, can only share their home for up to six weeks a year before having to request permission from the city. The city is about to increase this by only two weeks, to eight weeks in total.

“I don’t think eight weeks is fair. I have bought the flat I live in and should be allowed to decide for myself how often I want to share it,” says Karin.

Together with home sharers like Karin, Dominic, and Monika we are advocating for fairer regulations for home sharing in Munich.